More Than a Scholarship

The Engineering Career Awareness program is designed to recruit students who are underrepresented in the field of engineering, and to give these students the support they need to feel comfortable, confident and ready to succeed. The ECAP program provides financial assistance to qualifying students, but ECAP is much more than a scholarship. Starting with the three-week summer bridge program and continuing through graduation and beyond, ECAP students become part of a family.

Quotes from Students

“It was a pure blessing. My grandma cried and told me she loved me and she was proud of me. ECAP was a dream come true.”

“My family was ecstatic. It took a huge weight off of their shoulders.”

“ECAP gave me the ability to focus on my education without having to worry about the financial burdens.”

“ECAP is a family-like support system that helps the people who need it get through school.”

“ECAP helps students take their degree to a whole different level. It’s college up a notch; it’s how much can you do in four years. By the time you leave, you’ve gained experience through internships, research, talking to people, meeting people. You have a network, you’ve learned about life in general and what it means to be an engineer.”

“ECAP is a family. We grow together, we learn together, we succeed together. I will know my ECAP classmates for the rest of my life.”

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